Friday, May 23, 2014

Back to the Roots

I love fashion. I love presentation, grace, elegance, and individuality. I love weird, out there, and triple take looks that you remember.  I believe that the way you present yourself to the world-made up and decked out in your most confident look- is more representative of who you are than what you look like in sweats, sans cosmetics. We are our own canvases, and what we put on, in and around them makes us who we are. Having said that, I think it's also important to stay true to who you are. The world of social media, fashion blogs in particular, are filled with glorious and inspirational fashion senses and presentations. I spend SO much time drooling over other peoples blogs because of how they publish themselves. So perfect. For example, elle-may has this wonderful blog with this quirky down to earth style I WISH I could replicate, and Konstantina is a woman from greece who just has the most impeccably polished style with JUST the right bit of edge. DROOL. Finally there's Megan St.Claire who just absolutely rocks vintage. Best. Shoot. Sites. Ever. 
Anyway, my point is that I appreciate all of these women, and their wonderful presentations, but I think over the course of the several months I've been blogging, I've lost a little of my own individuality in appreciation of others. I've lost a little bit of Bella, and it's time to get her back. Time to get back to the roots, and Love what I love without comparing it to others. Get ready for menswear, bitches. <3

Thank you so much for reading, if you even got through all that. Happy scrolling, Hearts!


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