Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lets get a little personal.

Some places feel more like home than others. For some people it's their summer camp, for others it's the halls of their high school, their workplace, or wherever their family is. I spent my childhood summers in Aix En Provence, and for those of you who don't know, it is my hearts home. I can fantasize about the glamour, grit, and reality of my soon to be New-York life, but when it comes down to it I am only really happy, and at home, in a very few places in this world. Aix is one of them. 

I can't take credit for these pictures, I stole them off tumblr like a thief in the night, but there is a memory attached to each of these pictures, as I can recognize every one, and the streets they're on. Everyone needs an "Aix" in their life. Hearts!

I believe we would walk down this road on our way back from the Cathedral on sunday mornings. You haven't seen light until you've seen it through ancient stained glass. 

I've only ever been here a few times that I can remember, but it's close to the bookstore that my mom used to buy beautiful old books from, and I mean really old. It's actually a resort near a spring.

This is the square at night, probably mid-fall. I would sit and pet the moss while my babysitter and Mom shopped in the pop-up stores alongside the place de la ville. 

This fountain is on the same street as the one above, just a little farther back.

This was a block-ish away from my favorite Jewelry store. How I miss the glimmer.

Cezanne's studio! I actually only went here once, but when I did I proceeded to touch most of the things with a "ne touchez pas s'il vous plaĆ®t" sign on them, and almost got us kicked out. It probably didn't help that we were american haha. 

AAHHHhhhhHHHHhhhHHH! This either is right next to, or actually is the best bon-bon shop in the whole wide world. They had antique barrels full of the best salt water caramels you could imagine. 

Ah the soap, perfume, and various sprays that only the south of france can provide....

These are the lavender fields. When Aix gets hot, it gets 110 degrees hot, and making that drive up the hills with two kids and no air conditioning really did a number on all of us. I didn't appreciate the beauty then, but I do now. 

Beyond Aix, we would take weeks long road trips throughout France, though I can say with certainty that I never stepped foot in the streets of Paris. It's probably a good thing, I wouldn't have understood the history, beauty, or gravity of the place I was in. I wish I could say this is all just overly romanticized, but this place really is as magical as it looks. Thanks for reading, if you did. You now know a little more about me :)

Love to all!

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