Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pin curls 101

This is basically a very brief, probably completely unhelpful introduction to pin-curls. You're welcome in advance. 
So I met this beautiful girl through a friend, my man-friend to be specific and she graciously accepted my offer to be on my blog, which I proposed with puppy-like enthusiasm. I mean Jesus. Lookit that hair. Lookit that FACE. Anyway, a "tutorial" post had been brewing in my pot for quite some time now, and I settled on one of the simpler ones. Pin Curls. Easily done, though not without patience. I'll list steps below, and they'll correlate to the pictures left to right starting at the top. <3. Hearts!

1. Start with blow-dried hair, doesn't have to be pin straight. Use heat protectant, because you're about to destroy your hair in the name of vanity.

2. Using hair clips, bobby pins, whatever you like, start curling your hair in one inch sections. Make sure you rotate the barrel, or straightener so the hair curls TOWARDS your face. You want to continue this all the way to the other side of your face, for that retro wave effect.

3. Once you've got your whole head pinned up, hairspray it. NOW DON'T TOUCH IT. Go do your makeup, have a cigarette, facebook stalk your ex's. I don't care, just don't touch it.

4. After about ten minutes, or however long it takes you to reassure yourself that you're prettier than your ex's boo, or take a leisurely smoke, take the pins out. DON'T BRUSH YET. One more hairspray. Let that dry and set, (2 min)

5. NOW BRUSH. BRUSH. BRUSH. you actually want it to feel like there's no hairspray in it. See how soft it looks in the last picture? That's a lot of brushing. I don't care if it hurts. Brush it. 

Thanks for reading! Have fun, in the name of vanity! Love to all. 

I may do another tutorial, but... Better. We'll see. <3

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