Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A bad case of the "new infatuation"

Shoes: Junya Wantanabe
Top right: Bliss Lau
Bottom right: Alexander Mcqueen
Bottom Left: Atlantis Blog
Fountain: Somewhere glorious in Paris

I've come to decide that trends are like passing illnesses, and the ones that live on
 EX: Tweed, Pumps, A-line anything, suits, etc are like the diseases that just go dormant. 
EX: High-low hems? A really bad fucking cold. You're just relieved when it passes
EX: Layered Pearl strands? A determined case of the chicken pox. That shit comes back when you're 40. 

So obviously my harness thing is a cold, but ooh boy is it gonna be a bad one.

You're welcome for your little moment of disgust today <3

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