Friday, March 14, 2014

The bitter biting blues.

If someone asked me what I'd be comfortable in every single day without fail, my answer would be; A sweater, skinny (jeans/pants) and oxfords. Of course, variations are allowed... Oxfords turn into combat boots and skinny pants turn into gold Harem pants, (see last post). However, this sort of thing is the most... Me. Also, my pants aren't that short as a statement, they're that short because NO ONE MAKES PANTS TO FIT SOMEONE WHOSE ALMOST 6 FEET TALL DAMNIT. #raging. 

Listen to this:

                                                          Sweater: ralph lauren,  
                                                                   Shirt: Apt, 
                                                         Earrings: vince camuto, 
                                                                  Pants: H&M. 
                                                       everything else is thrifted!

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