Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When your boyfriend loves the blues

There's this iridescent blue that Aaron can't seem to get enough of, it's right between Pthalo and Navy,  and it looks like gasoline's been thrown on it. This skirt is that EXACT color. I let him pick what I wore this particular day, and honestly I think he did better than I would have... Ever have those days when everything in your closet is your enemy, and you poke yourself in the eye with your mascara? Yeah. It was one of those days. I think he did beautifully, and if you scroll a little farther... You'll see we're adorable. Hearts! 

Shirt: Tahari. 
Skirt: Thrift (notag). 
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (Who'dathunk she'd be so fabulous?)

(Better pics of shoes)

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