Monday, March 17, 2014

Thrifting is an art.

I am an avid, relentless thrifter. I love finding pieces worth exponentially more than what I'm buying them for, and beyond that who can afford to pay $2000 for a coat? (Who am I kidding I'd totally pay that It's just I'm broke and saving and even more broke.) Anyway, in my finds today were; this glorious Missoni scarf, an unknown designers Mohair and sequin sweater (don't question me, it works.) A delightful houndstooth cardigan, and a Miu Miu belt (!!! how does that happen?) Whoops there goes...only $8.57. Anyway, I'm assuming none of the people who see this, whether it be on facebook, or Blogger, are willing to spend heaps buying every cute thing they see! Below are the links to all the sites I use when I'm not thrifting...Don't be overwhelmed, I'll list what they're best for as well! Hearts! Dresses, Skirts and Tops

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