Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hardcore pajamas

I have an unrequited love for harem pants. I love them, they do not love my butt. It just doesn't work (THUSFAR.)  So I decided to find a middle ground in fabulous sweatpants. Yes, sweatpants. I was actually appalled when the thought first crossed my mind, but like all things I come to love, it grew on me. I would say they're a comfortable fashion option, but they're not to be worn without heels (In my opinion) so that's kind of moot. Either way they're wearable, and wonderful. Hearts!

*my face in this is so special*

*when I pose I can't stop thinking "I'd last 2 min on ANTM, I can't even smize." *
Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Layer Sweater: Lord and taylor
Sweatpants: *Thrifted without a tag whyyyyyy*
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Bracelets: Forever 21 *I think?*