Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring 2014 shoes Pt. 1

These are collections of shoes from the 2014 Spring shows in Paris. Don't you go thinking I'd actually buy these lovelies, I'm not the "Daddy PLEEEAAASSSEEE?!" girl. These are far and above anything I could have now, but oh they are so lovely to worship, and hey it's not cheating if you find a pair on ebay... Or knockoffs ;) I'll link to knockoffs, DIYs, or similar pairs I find, just in case you love these shoes as much as I do. (Mind you I won't find any until at least a month into summer, these collections have been out for barely weeks :/  But I will update then!) Hearts! 

I am a habitual person, and one of my habits is stalking Miu Miu shoes on Ebay. Now you know. 

I'm not sure when Prada thought it would be a good Idea to glue rhinestones to crocs, and I'm even less sure why I like it. I need to reevaluate my life choices. 

I had truly never heard of Sonia Rykiel before this season, but mmmm baby lookit that gold wave. 

And finally, Sophia Webster (did you know she's working with J-crew? Should I get out from under a rock?) With these filigree, whimsical, fantasy beauties. I'm starting to adore laser cut leather, even if I only get to look. <3

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